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Maze Of Life Barry Bittman

Maze Of Life

Barry Bittman

ISBN : 9780965024082
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 About the Book 

One afternoon, Jonathan Spes, a man in his seventies, enters a physicians office and claims to be on the doctors schedule. Reluctantly, the physician agrees to see him. What begins as an ordinary visit, evolves into a timeless lesson that will forever change the course of life for the doctor- and the reader. Jonathans story unravels the MAZE of LIFE for all of us. It is about rediscovering what is missing in our lives, and learning to deal with change, not as a source of stress but rather as a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.MAZE of LIFE harnesses the power of hope and healing, enabling each of us, in our own special way, to create a personal path for well-being. Its ageless wisdom illuminates a practical series of steps- questions on the walls for effectively resolving the many uncertainties that negatively impact us.MAZE of LIFE provides a soul-searching experience that will positively shape your future one step at a time. Written for anyone stressed by the pressures of change in our fast-paced society to individuals facing the greatest challenges of their lives, MAZE of LIFE is a roadmap for navigating a clear path to health, happiness and inner peace.